Day Thirty-Seven – Deja Vu


I am awake, I am alive, and as this day begins I cannot help thinking “I remember this”.

Truth be told, the days of today have much in common with the days of 2009, days in which I struggled against doubt and fear daily as I dared to believe in my dream, as I dared to launch my business.

Each day back then, I sat at the keyboard and posted a blog post. Then I went to work on my seminar offerings, stopping only to post a video, speaking to and hopefully encouraging the woman that would one day watch.

The effort paid off for I enjoyed a full decade of seminars and visits and community gatherings and love thanks to those seminars, right up until the pandemic.

And now, here I am, sitting at my keyboard, posting today’s thoughts. Soon I will do some training then I will continue working on my first full seminar offered via an email video course. No longer will participant’s have to travel. Rather they will be able to laugh and learn and think and grow in the comfort of their own homes as I guide them through the teachings that have resonated through my work for so many years.

And the preparation of the course requires … shooting videos, speaking to and hopefully encouraging the woman (or man) that will one day watch.

So this is me, continuing the work. This is me praying the magic repeats one more time. This is me thankful for the opportunity to reach so many more without the exhaustion of having to travel so much to do it. This is me praying I can still touch my participants emotionally, spiritually, and mentally even if I cannot hug the stuffin out of them physically.

This I pray.

Yes, today my journey continues but I cannot help but smile. This first seminar, my first ever, looks beautiful and powerful in its new format and soon it will be ready to be offered, like a man tentatively holding out his hand, asking the woman of his dreams to dance.

This is me, praying that many will want to dance with my newest dream.

And you my friend, are these times scary and new or deja vu for you as well? Do they take you back to another time when you didn’t know how you were going to pay the bills or feed the kids or is this new territory for you?

Whether it is old hat or incredibly new, know that I believe in you. And I believe in me. And I believe that someday soon we will be able to laugh and say we survived the pandemic by staying home and figuring out a way.

Today my friend, I pray you enjoy this day … your way.