Day 12 – The Gift of Tears

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am so thankful for the gift of crying …

Not gonna lie, yesterday started out pretty rough. I felt a distinct lack of motivation when I woke, which is not a normal thing for me. Since I had things to do first thing, I set out to do them, despite the lack of interest or desire. It wasn’t until after the groceries were bought that it hit me.

A wave of grief.

I did not hold back. I sobbed. I turned away from passersby so as not to interrupt this healing. I ugly cried. I found Kleenex. I cried some more.

And somehow, after a few hours had gone by I noticed the things I had done – the quality and authentic sharing with my son, my plans/concerns for my daughter and her family during lockdown, my grocery shopping, my housecleaning.

I couldn’t help but think, “Not a bad day at all!”

By day’s end, I had answered some emails, watched some training sessions and even developed some new offerings for my followers and fans. At that point, I couldn’t help but recognize that this originally bad day had turned into a very good one.

Did I do the day with my usual happiness and enthusiasm? No, I did not. I did it with perseverance and compassion, with patience for my tears and hope for the future but no matter, because I did it. That in my mind, is a win.

So today my friends, take it from a member of a culture that welcomes tears, do not hold yours in. It is a battle you do not need to fight. Cry the tears – alone, with friends, in the shower, laying in bed. The location is irrelevant. The action – essential.

Your burden will feel lighter for a time, after the tears have been shed. Right up until you need to cry again. Do that. As often as need be.
The elders say we feel we could cry when we need to, when we are now ready to release the hurt. Do yourself a favour today my friend, release your hurt.

I love you!

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