Day 11 – My Lists

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am enjoying a self-awareness exercise that is proving to be quite revealing. Let me explain …

The idea came from a self-awareness blog post. The assignment is simple – write down everything you do in a day for a week. Made coffee. Wrote a blog post. Etc. Then at the end of the week, review your lists. What will they reveal?

I am three days into the experiment (today is Day Four) and I must say, my career success is no longer a surprise. I love how many things I DO each day that are little steps towards my goals. However, the lists also reveal why I haven’t been as successful with taking off the extra pounds I have accumulated. But have no fear – information is potential power!

So this is me, more self-aware, more determined, more committed to achieving all my goals, for me and for those I love. After all, how can I say I love you if I am not doing everything in my power to stay with you – in business and in health.

The journey continues, as do my lists.

Enjoy your day my friend!

I love you!

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