Day Thirty-Four – Thankful


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning … I am just thankful for sooooooooooo many things.

I am thankful for a life filled with things that ended before I wanted them to, for those events taught me that I can adapt, I can go on and most often, I can do even better than before the “end”.

I am thankful for a life that clearly delineated between what I do and don’t control, a life that has seen me survive so many worse things than a “stay at home” order.

I am thankful for my skills, so fitting to this challenge. I am thankful for my personality that can laugh and dance through any troubles. I am thankful for parents who taught me that working hard cures just about anything.

I am thankful for this opportunity, to create a company that reaches many more than I have previously, in personal ways even if I am not in the room. I am thankful for an opportunity to do more by traveling less, the opportunity to build a business that does not rob me of a life with my children and grandchildren.

And as always, I am thankful for yet another choice. Again, as so often before, I get to choose what I focus on. I could stamp my feet and whine to all that would hear that “I want it back the way it was!” or I could gather my gifts and prepare for this next chapter of a journey that has never been predictable. My parents and elders have taught me – always take Option B.

Is this time new? Absa-freakin-lutely but so too was a move to Toronto. So too was a new relationship. So too was becoming a Mom and a Gramma. Every BIG THING in my life was new at some point in time and now, a month in, even this doesn’t seem insurmountable anymore.

So most of all, on this beautiful morning, I am thankful for the adaptability of the human being, a creature designed to be able to fit into new situations, new locations, new assignments, and even new dress sizes when need be.

Creator designed us to do this my friend, so let’s quit telling ourselves we can’t and get busy doing it. Because like so many reading these words, I have faced worse and at different times, I have lost more.

On this day, I know without a doubt that I will be more than fine and so will you, my friend. On this, I bet everything because there isn’t a day that goes by that I do not believe in YOU.

Let’s enjoy this day. After all, we only get to live it once.