Day 9 – A Comfortable Feeling

I am awake, I am alive and I am … comfortable and this might take some getting used to.

You see, poverty is all-encompassing. It touches every aspect of your life from your self-esteem to your ability to experience things, from your postal code to your health.

But stay in it long enough and you mistakenly start to identify with it. Some almost take pride in it and for many Indigneous, they begin to believe poverty is actually part of our cultures, rather than merely the situation we have lived in for far too long.

And many begin to believe it is impossible to escape or worse, that the people who “aren’t poor” are horrible, unfair, or worse.

But of late, I have noticed things – how groceries are bought as soon as I run out, how bills are paid on arrival, how if I “need” something for my home (like a new, fancier toaster) I can just “get it”. I noticed how little luxuries have entered my home along with necessities and there is no longer a “wait until payday” or “rob Peter to pay Paul” requirement.

I am comfortable. And it feels good, real good. And, I am still me. Still hard-working, still authentic, still fair, still committed to making a difference. I just have more energy now, the energy I use to spend worrying about paying the rent or how I was going to buy Christmas presents.

The journey continues and yes my friend, you can leave poverty behind. I am once again, living proof.

See you at the finish line, maybe in fancy shoes!

I love you!

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