Day Thirty-Three – The Experiment Continues


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling the smile of the contented, for finally I have heard my own spirit and it is good, really good.

Yesterday, I shared of my social experiment – how I wished to attempt ignoring the clock completely, instead running with the needs of my body. I wished to sleep, to eat, to work no matter the amount of sunlight that may or may not exist at any given time.

Yesterday I did just that and the results were nothing less than incredible. Yesterday, I ate healthier than I have in forever. I exercised more. I slept more AND I accomplished more, all by listening to what my body needed.

To accomplish that, I had gone to bed incredibly early (because I was tired), I rose at 4 a.m. (because I was rested), I completed my morning training and online stuff before the sun came up (because that is when my brain absorbs most effectively). With the sun, I shot some training videos (optimal light in my office/studio) and when that was done, I rested after a good meal. After what can only be described as a killer after nap, I woke to accomplish some menial work tasks and the reading I had failed to get to for days (I am aiming to read a book a week as the masters do). I finished the day with another great meal and some quality cat-snuggle time in front of the tv. An hour opposed to endless hours, and then once again off to bed when I was tired.

And it felt good, really good.

Now some reading that may grow exhausted just by the words but remember to me, any and all of that is me accomplishing my dreams – not ignoring them, not putting them on hold, but living them. And in response, as if Creator wished to confirm that what I was doing was a good thing – a booking, the first since this insanity started, showing me that yes I will be just fine.

Today the pattern will repeat in whatever way my body sees fit as it will the next day and the next and the next. I look forward to all I will no doubt accomplish in the next few weeks now that I am finally listening to me.

That thought makes me smile as I remember Mom’s words once again – “Teach them how to treat you my girl. If you want them to be kind to you, show them how by being kind to you. If you want respect, show them how. Respect yourself.”

Well Mom, this is me, listening to me, as I teach others to do same.


I love you my friend. Today, do not “do as I do”. Do as you need, listen to your spirit as much as you can. After all, perhaps it is time someone did.

Show them how my friend, show them how.