Day 8 – Enjoying the Love

I am awake, I am alive, and as I giggle at the latest adventure of my 4-month-old kitten furmate, I give thanks for all he has brought into my world, all the stuff I didn’t know I needed to remember.

Truth be told, I am a highly independent woman and not in some cold “I-don’t-need-anyone” way. More in a “Wow, my life is so amazing and I have so much to do today!” way. But building a business and loving my life had been my joy and passion for so long that I didn’t even notice how long it had been since I loved another being.

And that’s important because I control my passion, my career, and my house. I control my day’s agenda but when you love someone or something, it’s not about control. It’s about accepting who they are (even when its annoying). It’s about compromise. It’s about caring for their health and well-being. It’s about inconvenience (when they need something, and you would rather be one with the couch) and now I see that I so needed to love again.

So this is me, forever thankful for the little hellion who steals my pillow, wakes me hella early, bites my toes, and eats my expensive makeup sponge. The little tuxedo kitten who also gives me random kisses, amazing snuggles, and a million reasons to laugh every single day.
Today my friend, don’t forget to love. I, for one, know how very easy it is to do just that.

I love you!

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