Day Thirty-One – As the Next Lap Begins


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I was SO EXCITED to start this day … that I even forgot to make my coffee! lol (No fear. Situation rectified before continuation lol)

Why the excitement? Easy – a philosophy that I have lived by my entire adult life – what will I do with this gift?

You see, those close to me know that I look at each day as a gift from Creator. But with a gift comes responsibility, so once presented, Creator sits and waits to see what I will do with it. Will I assist or inspire someone? Will I learn something new? Will I experience something new? Will I console someone? The options are endless and if, just if I use it to its fullest potential, then perhaps Creator will be tempted to give me another one, just to see what I do with that.

So far, he is pleased.

Yesterday, the celebration, the completion of the 55th lap. Creator watched as the love I received and immensely enjoyed was reflected in the act of responding to EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE INDIVIDUALLY (except for those that came in after I went to bed last night, and I promise I will get to those).

Why the effort to respond individually? Why not a blanket “thank you” like so many post on their birthdays? Simple – in a time when we are all missing the love of those we hold dear, taking time to respond to each message, in the same way that human took the time to send it, allowed me to enjoy the love, even if it was only words on a screen. And it worked, it so worked for one message became ten, became twenty and before I knew it I was living a day filled with love and I thank you for that.

Which brings me to today and the beginning of my 56th lap. TODAY I am excited because I cannot WAIT to see what I will accomplish this year! Soon I will decide what I will attempt (some decisions already made). Soon I will begin to see what I have the opportunity to experience. And before I know it, I will be looking back on the year, smiling as I wonder if I will get another one.

Yes, its easy to preach “live today like there”s no tomorrow” but the magic happens when you actually DO. So my friend, that begs the question, who needs to know you love them today? Who needs to be forgiven? What work needs to be done to justify YOUR day not that of another’s? What needs to be learned? What needs to be healed? What needs to be fixed? What needs to be created? Your soul knows. Do that.

Choosing wisely means you get to retire at day’s end, exhausted and happy, as you think to yourself, “Well played. This day was well-played”. That will be my my prayer tonight but first I have to live it, I have to justify this day so freely given and I HAVE PLANS!! Exciting, so very exciting!

So you with me? It’s rather easy to do once you set your mind to it. Start with loving someone today. Let’s start with you.

Simple repeat after me …