Day Twenty-Nine – Thank You


I am awake, I am alive, and on this the final day of my 55th lap, I am thankful that as of yet, I cannot see the finish line …

Truth be told there is so much more I want to do, so many more things I want to experience, so many more people I want to meet, so many more people I want to …. love.

I want to love the stuffin out of existing and future grandchildren.  I want to love the man and woman my grown amazing children continue to morph into.  I want to love and encourage and inspire those who find me, those who have yet to realize how absolutely breathtaking they are, not in some superficial physical sense but in all the ways that truly matter.  I want to love more sunsets and more sunrises. I want to love more movies and great books. I want to love shared meals and meals enjoyed alone with nothing but my thoughts.  I want to continue loving every second of every minute of every hour of every day as I do now simply because … they didn’t get to.

On this day, I think of all of those no longer here, all of those who have ended their journey, all of those who loved all they could, saw all they could, experienced all they could. Those people who have gone on, yet magically continue to inspire those of us who are still doing laps.

So thank you Mom for teachings that truly are timeless.  Thank you Dad for a laugh and outlook on life that resonates across generations.  Thank you George for smashing barriers so I didn’t have to.  Thank you cousins for showing me paths I do not wish to take and paths I do.  Thank you friends, companions, partners, and participants for sharing minutes, hours, and even days with me. Thank you.

Yes, on this day I have so much to be thankful for and that doesn’t even include all the stuff this day will bring, or the next or the next because as I stated, my journey is not done yet. Funny how I didn’t realize how rich I truly am until this very moment.


I love you my friend, and as this blog post attempts to illustrate, I cherish that opportunity.


Be well. Be safe. Stay home.