Day 4 – Rabbit Hole Weekends

I am awake, I am alive, and once again I am TOTALLY enjoying a Rabbit Hole Weekend.

That’s my name for it anyways, those weekends or days in time when you can do whatever you want, fall down whatever rabbit hole appears, and not feel even one second of guilt about it.

Feel like watching yet another YouTube video? Go for it.

Feel like going for a walk? Go for it.

Feel like cleaning out that closet, sorting your socks, throwing out old stuff, organizing your books, watching a movie marathon, reading the day away, knitting just because, playing with your dog, chatting online for hours … GO FOR IT!!

Because it’s your life and there has to be some days when you get to live it your way, right? Please say yes.

For me, it is all about following each and every crazy idea that pops into my head. Like yesterday, when I was doing my steps, and I got the idea to write this post.

I hope you are having a great weekend.

I love you!

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