Day Twenty-Seven – Reality Check TBay


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I can’t help but think that “denial” is no longer going to be a sufficient coping mechanism for some here in the city of Thunder Bay.

I am, of course, referring to the news that a staff person at the local Superstore has tested positive. Anyone who had shopped there in the recent days (the individual’s last shift was March 30) has been notified by email, bringing this pandemic into their homes in a very, real way.

The store is now closed for a deep-clean until Saturday. Convenient on this Good Friday that no doubt would have seen the store close anyway but I pray this is a heads up to those who denied.

To be clear – I don’t want you scared. I want you informed because informed is power and denial just puts you and everyone else at risk.

So as I have typed a hundred times STAY HOME! I still think that it is time for grocery stores to close to everything except grocery pick-up. If ONLY the staff were inside (increased in number to meet demand, perhaps only one putting veggies in cart, another putting meat in order, and on and on), surely that would be safer for everyone. At least then we know the max number of people who touched that apple, as opposed to guessing how many shoppers touched it before you.

The journey continues as today maybe a few more realize the days of old are gone. There are new ways to do things now and the sooner we adopt them, the sooner we get to enjoy this new spring.

Nothing new when you think about it. The creatures that were able to adapt have always been the ones to survive.

My journey continues as well. Recording day here. Podcast day here. I have to reach those I care about after all and I can, from the comfort of my home.

I love you my friend.
Stay home. Stay safe.