Day Thirty-Two – I See You

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning as Ontario residents adjust to the news of lockdown for another 28 days, all I can think to say is … I see you.

Those parents trying to work from home AND assist their children with homeschooling – this year you needed March break, not to spend time with your kids, but as a break from schooling for YOU. I see you.

To those working in hair and nail salons who THOUGHT you were returning to work on the 12th – my heart goes out to you. To think the end is in sight, to think you will once again be earning an income, only to have it taken away. I see you.

To those whose businesses just cannot sustain themselves on 25% capacity, I see you.

To those housebound and suffering from mental stress and fatigue to levels not experienced before, I see you.

And I am thinking of you.

For me, the journey continues with little to no change but to many this latest announcement will be hard. Let us all remember it is not as hard as saying good-bye to a loved one who just could not fight off Covid-19.

Stay safe. Be kind to you and remember, I see you.

I love you!

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