Day Twenty-Five – Christmas (in April)


I am awake, I am alive, but even more, this morning I am happy and excited! I haven’t felt this way in a long while and it feels GOOOOOOOOOOD.

Why the happiness? Why the excitement? Easy. I am happy with ME (my only human companion of late) and I am excited about what the future will bring. I am happy with the choices I have made in the midst of this insanity and I am excited about my “new way of doing things”.

In short, my life train took a SHARP LEFT that I didn’t see coming (mine and everyone else’s) but I have adjusted and in the end, I am going to be SO MUCH MORE THAN FINE!

At the root of my happiness and excitement – last night’s activity and yet another one of those great choices I am making of late. You see, last night I FINALLY chose to cut down my personal friend list to only personal friends, choosing to reach the rest of those I love and respect here on my biz page.

With the decision, I began the process of culling my list but it became obvious quite quickly that what I was actually doing was “Kondo-ing my list” (Marie Konda style). As each name appeared for consideration, my immediate response was so often JOY. Many I don’t know well. Many I have met just once but no matter, for length or depth of our relationship wasn’t my shortlist criteria – joy was.

In the end, I have yet again INCREASED my level of joy, with a new inner circle of intimates on my personal page and yet another WORLD OF JOY here, on the page I have dedicated to loving YOU.

Today this joy journey continues as I spend the day preparing my NEXT online offering – and this one is truly close to my heart. Here’s hoping, soon it will be close to yours too.

Yes, on this 25th day of self isolation it DOES feel like Christmas, the best kind, the kind filled with gifts from the hearts of those who truly care, the kind that leaves you excited to play with your new toys.

Here’s to you my friend. Here’s to my improved focus on you. Here’s to THIS DOOR being the way I get to you, the same door that invites you in every single day for tea.

I love that image and … I so love you!
Be well my friend.