Day Twenty-Three – Two Words


I am awake, I am alive, and I think probably for the first time in decades (ever?) I am going to say … thank you Canada. 

And I pray people don’t jump down my throat for that. As an indigenous woman, I have many reasons to dislike this country’s government, to dislike its policies, to dislike its utter disregard for the welfare of indigenous people in general and specifically, our communities …

But right now, I am thankful for a CERB process that is easy and quick. I am thankful for a Federal government that reacted as quickly as it did and yes, I am even thankful for a provincial premier who seems to be giving all he has during an unprecedented time.

None of us thought 2020 would bring isolation, social-distancing, and/or fear but here we are. Many of those I admire and love are reaching out, using keyboard to hug, sending love via messenger, doing all they can to ensure their loved ones do not feel alone even if they are alone. And I know I for one appreciate the daylights out of the effort as I do my part and try to send out as much love as I can!

So this is me, up early so as to be able to apply for the support I need as I work diligently to get my business back up and running. This is me, on this the 23rd day of self-isolation with only two words on my tongue.

Thank you.

Stay well my friend, stay safe, and if you qualify, don’t forget to apply. And if you don’t, my prayers continue for you and yours.


I love you!