Day Twenty-Two – Social Media “Friends”


I am awake. I am alive, and this morning I remain in awe of the incredibly valuable teaching I received in the last 24 hours, one I will not soon forget.

With this particular post, I am speaking to those isolating alone, those missing human interaction, those tempted or drawn into hour after endless hour on social media because it feels like you are hanging with friends.

But truth be told, in all but a few cases, you are so not.

Because unless your friend list is very tight, made up of only your most trusted confidants, your time on social media exposes you to the thoughts, opinions, memes, and words of people you wouldn’t choose to have in your inner circle. Like the uncomfortable house party with people that revolt you, social media exposes you, assaults you, weakens you, depresses you or worst of all, turns you into one of those people you use to despise.

As a intelligent, successful woman who fell into that very rabbit hole, listen as I say/scream, “Back away from the monitor. Back away from the keyboard. Back into life”.

Bored? Text a real friend, someone’s whose number you actually have. Read a book about the life of someone you admire. Take up knitting, painting, or drawing. Cook something new. Write a letter to the love you have yet to meet or a parent you miss. FaceTime with an elder. Eat a salad. Breathe.

Social media is MEDIA often from sources of questionable validity. Don’t get sucked in. Don’t give your life to it.

Have one instead.


I love you, my friend.