Day Twenty – Sharing (Covid-19 Style)


I am awake, I am alive, and it seems today is ALL about SHARING, which is kinda strange in this time of isolation. But today proves, it can be done!

First for me, I am having Tea with Miss Liz! This request came out of the blue but this awesome lady is interested in what people are doing to help others during this time of crisis and she wants to speak to ME (so awesome!).

For more on that, here is a link to the Facebook event page …

Then this afternoon I am being interviewed by a Master’s student working on his thesis on indigenous women in business. Fun times!

Then I end off this awesome day of sharing by recording my OWN podcast, as the next episode of “Surviving Isolation” is set to be released this afternoon!

Sighhhhhhhhhh … I am a lucky lady. I may be alone in this condo but I am sure as heck not alone in this world. These days I write emails and texts and notes like my Mother before me. Of course she sent letters via snail mail but no matter, the intention is the same – to spread the love.

Today I share.
Today I spread the love.
And today, my friend, I pray you will too.

Join me!

(See I already started! lol)