Day Nineteen – I Love You!


 I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I cannot help but realize just how amazingly fortunate I am to be SURROUNDED by the most caring, loving, supportive people EVER!! (And we all know, it hasn’t always been that way for me, so THIS I truly appreciate.)

What sparked this latest round of appreciation and gratitude?

Easy – the sheer number of friends who text to ask “You okay for toilet paper?” (Funny, yet so sweet). The friends who SUDDENLY, out of the BLUE, want to download my books (because they know my business took such a hit). The friends who drop off supplies. The friends who call or text or email just to stay in touch. The friends who forward memes. The friends who respond to my emails with stories of their own and on and on and on.

It is as if we cannot be together physically and we all know it and we all miss it so suddenly, we are all making an effort to say “I love you” not in a hug or handshake, but via social media, via email, via phone, via any means that keeps us safe.

And I love it. I absolutely love it because love is still love.

Yes, I miss the hugs for sure. I miss the small intimate group of friends who get the joke without explanation but I cannot say I am lonely. How can I be when I am surrounded by so much amazing love?

But have no fear. If you feel lonely, if you feel you need some loving, rest assured, I am a good friend and I am here for you. Just picture it with me – this is me, virtually raising one side of this blanket of love I am snuggled under, so that you can scoot under it with me. After all, I am more than willing to share this abundance of love because you my friend, are my friend.

And yes, I am good for toilet paper. Thanks so much for asking.


I love you!