Day Eighteen – Looking at the Stats


I am awake, I am alive, and I begin this “Isolation April” as I begin every month, by looking at my stats.

Those that follow this page know my business took a tremendous hit with the cessation of public events. The main source of my income, my seminars, were now impossible. So like so many others, I scrambled to offer what I could online.

But it had to be relevant. I didn’t want to fill inboxes and newsfeeds with things that no longer mattered, so I changed my focus back to my original message – back to believing in YOU, back to choices, back to encouragement, back to my never-wavering belief that you will get through this.

In short, I put my cheerleader outfit back on (see image).  

As has been my habit for my entire business life, every 1st day of the month, I look to see if there is any growth in key areas – number of people on my email list, number of people watching my Youtube videos, number of people liking and following this page and so on and so forth. But what had isolation and Covid-19 done to my stats?

This blog post is “late” this morning because I needed the answer before I could post. And the answer is – increases across the board in EVERY area, ranging from 1-7% and this woman will TAKE THAT.

What do the numbers say to me? That like me, YOU believe that together we got this and that maybe just maybe, you believe in me just as much as I believe in you.

The sky may be grey and gloomy here today but I am smiling, thanks as always to you.

I love you my friend.
Remember, WE GOT THIS!