Adaptability is KEY!

Adaptability is everything. Those who adapt survive, it truly is that simple.

Our ancestors knew this. They prepared for upcoming hunts, upcoming seasons, and the like. They knew that summer clothing would do nothing for you in the dead of winter, and little has changed.

But some people have lulled themselves into the belief that life is a constant, that every day is the same. Routines that have worked for a long time are mistakenly believed to be suitable for all seasons and that may have been true. At least, until Covid and lockdown restrictions reminded us that adaptability is the way to go.

And I am most definitely not pointing fingers. As much as I LOVE change and growth, I can get stuck in a routine/rut along with the best of them. I knew I should be adapting my systems and processes long before a global pandemic forced me to.

The same applies to reconciliation. Old ways of exclusion, racism, judgement, and “consultation” are no longer being tolerated by Indigenous peoples. That “word” so often used in bygone days (you can think of at least one) is no longer acceptable, largely because it never was. And neither is the “bulldozer” style of engagement, a paternalistic “save the Indian” mentality of days past. New methods of engagement and levels of respect and understanding are now required and the wisest of the non-Indigenous have noticed the winds of change.

Some are adapting. Some are learning. Some are choosing change (I meet them every day) and some aren’t. It is the latter who will soon learn how bitter a winter day can be for those who refuse to acknowledge a change of season.

So again, thank you for being on my list, my friend. Thank you for being open to learning, to understanding and eventually, to change. I predict that you will remain warm and eventually comfortable, even if the first cooler winds seem a little unsettling.

The journey continues …

I love you!