The Anthem of a New Era

The answer is ALWAYS on your side.

In Step One of the 52 Steps of Reconciliation Video Series, I shared an image. A sacred eagle feather, one side representing the Indigenous people who have always called this land “home”, the other representing the non-Indigenous people who settled here, making it their home. The latter reshaped what they found, rather than embracing the natural perfection, and in many ways, the reshaping continues.

So when one learns that reconciliation requires more reshaping be done by the non-Indigenous, you would think they would take that in stride, as something they are well-versed in. But no, because this time it requires they work with us.

“Nothing for us or about us, without us” is the anthem of the new era, when all people embrace that they do not and cannot know what another group wants or needs. Adults do not know what youth need. Youth do not know what elders need. White does not know what BIPOC need but … EVERYONE’s needs are filled when we get in the simple habit of asking.

Planning an event for the seniors in your community?
Have seniors on your planning committee.

Planning an event for youth in your neighbourhood.
Have youth on your planning committee (and listen to them).

And on and on it goes.

We got in this mess because one group (non-Indigenous) thought themselves superior to the ways and the very people they found here (Indigenous) and we have paid for that sin ever since.

So don’t sin again, my non-Indigenous friends. Invite us in if your work involves us and our communities. Support our work on our side of the feather. And do the work on yours.

We will know your work is done when we can walk on city streets and in non-Indigenous businesses without fear or judgement, finally and once agree free to be just who we are.

Assimilation abandoned.

The journey continues …

I love you!