STOP! Just STOP! Please …

Can I be blunt?

Stop with the advice!

Here’s a story to explain …

Years ago, I worked for a well-established businessman. He was innovative which appealed to my “crazy idea” mentality, so we were a good fit. But it was his reaction to my ideas that solidified the deal for me …

Each time I came to him with a “crazy new idea”, he would listen. He never once explained why it wouldn’t work or dismissed it as an idea of the inexperienced. Rather his reply was often, “Interesting! But what would you do in this case or what happens if this happens?

His lack of dismissal along with his questions allowed me to think and rethink my idea, often dismissing it, sometimes expanding on it, but each time learning and my business today benefits from the time I spent with him.

No surprise his supervisory style would appeal to me when you consider my history. My Mom did same after all, never providing an answer or a dismissal, always assisting as I found the answers I needed.

So I repeat … Mainstream – stop giving us advice.

Recognize instead, that our children were separated from their parental teachers for generations. Economic activity was severely restricted if not outright banned. What we need is the skills that were taken. What we need is to remember how to find our own answers and you can help.

But dependence is easy and often, profitable.

It is not in the best interest of the bottom line to help us build capacity. And it most definitely isn’t convenient.

It just happens to be what we need you to do. Help us to fix what was broken by those who came before. Or at least, at bare minimum, don’t continue the practices they

The journey continues …

I love you!