Grateful …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am just overcome with gratitude, not because something amazing happened but because everything is kinda amazing.

My home, my career, my friends, my family, my furmate … all as I would want them to be. No crisises. No upheaval. And to a woman who has known some very dark nights, this feels like heaven on earth.

Which is a beautiful place to stand for I’m thinking, if I were to get no more, if it just stayed as it is, I would have received so much. If my journey was to end today, I would go without complaint knowing it was an amazing journey.

I have bills. I have deadlines. I have health issues to be aware of. I have responsibilities and I am okay with them all because they are the price of a life well-lived and finally I am in a place where I can just enjoy living it.

So to those who stuggle, keep going. Doing what you are doing will get you more of the same so do something different. Learn more. Try something new. Go somewhere new. Change ever so slightly and the whole journey changes. Do it before it is too late. Do it now so that one day you too can sit, sip coffee, and think “Wow, thanks Creator. We did it.”



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