Day Seventy-Six – How are YOU Surviving Isolation?


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am doing purty dang good, gotta admit.

But truth be told, there have been days during this isolation that I haven’t been. Sure, some days I thrive but some days it takes all I can to just survive the day. Those darker days are filled with grief so intense it seems to choke off my air, an all-encompassing “missing” of the life we all once naively enjoyed before this intense wake-up call.

Eleven weeks ago, I started my podcast “Surviving Isolation” in an attempt to reach out, in an attempt to quiet the panic that was threatened to overwhelm me as I watched my business disintegrate into the unknowing. At that point, I had no idea what my future held (although my ghosts were having a field day painting vivid images of homelessness and destitution for me to enjoy 24/7).

In that first episode, I am sure you can hear the panic I was experiencing. But since then, these episodes have morphed into a “touching base”, into an honest “admitting of human frailty/flaws”, into a sharing of humour as we all attempt to survive isolation.

This is this week’s episode, shot yesterday so I could have it ready for you this morning. Laugh with me and feel free to answer the question, “What the heck ARE YOU DOING to survive isolation?”

Here’s hoping I can invoke a giggle or two. Because …



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