Day Fifteen – The Island of Choices


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am thinking of a hundred different seminars of days gone-by during which I asked the participant’s the now foreshadowing question – “What would you do if you were alone on a deserted island?”

Yes, my friend, your home is now your island. Perhaps there is a daily ferry out to the mainland (for those in your home that still work and Creator bless those keeping our country running) or perhaps you are like me, alone to decide whether your island is heaven or hell.

Contrary to popular opinion, choices ABOUND on this island. I, for one, am enjoying the idea that the clock is now truly a decorative wall hanging, rather than the master of the universe. It matters little to me whether it is 10 am or 8 am. More it is “what I do during daylight hours” and “what I do during dark hours” as my life adjusts to this new freedom.

This morning I take note that calendars are becoming increasingly redundant as well, destined to be notepaper in this world of no limits. It matters little whether it is Monday or Friday, Tuesday or Thursday. The sun still comes up, the sun still sets. Repeat.

Used only when coordinating an “online meet-up” with another human, for the most part this island has no need for clock or calendar. But at some point in the future we will be abruptly pulled off this island, as the demands of the outside world will return. We will once again have to get kids out the door at a set time (usually not of our choosing) and once again have to be dressed, presentable, and present at a location other than our couch.

The thought has me (and so many others) contemplating just what kind of world I want to return to. Will I allow the clock and calendar to return to their throne as I once again bow and do their bidding or will I remain a dissident, unwavering in my lack of worship for anything man-made?

Like family members of decades gone by, perhaps some miss the lack of control. Perhaps they miss the ease of just doing another’s bidding (even though they pretend to hate it by whining about it). Perhaps, when truth is shared, we must admit that we don’t like being in control of our lives because if we are, there is no one else to blame. Do you miss the one you use to blame for the state of your house, your lack of money, your bad habits, etc?

The answer my friend is neither right nor wrong, just incredibly insightful.

Such big questions on a Sunday. Some may think that is a habit from the old world, a perfect train of thought for a Sunday designated by some as a day of worship. But my lack of Christianity says otherwise. Rest assured, my questions are just the pondering of a woman waking after a great night sleep.

But they could be so much more.

Time enough to decide that later. For now, I have to decide what will I do with this day period? What would I like done before the sun goes away?

I smile as I wonder if ancestors long ago pondered the same questions. I think they did. And like me, I think they smiled at the freedom of choice.

The journey continues ….