Day Three – My Reasons, My Choices


TRIGGER WARNING: Today’s post references domestic violence. Read only if you are able to. Be well.

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I wish to speak to my choice to self isolate. Not distance – isolate.

Some find my choice extreme, even though it inconveniences them not the slightest. Some feel my decision means they most defend theirs – especially those who still go for coffee, do errands,and shop as often as they always have, with little or no consideration for the world reality at this moment. The ill-informed if you will, the tone deaf, the selfish.

To those confused by my decision, know that I make this choice, not out of paranoia, but out of respect. For you see, I am blessed with two adult children who want me alive and well and around for a long, long time to come. Those two have watched helplessly as their mother was hit, choked out, spat on, attacked verbally, and so much more. They already know how it feels to fear they may lose their mom. Maybe I don’t want them fearing anymore.

One thing I know for sure, I am not a victim nor am I forced to do anything (the cry of so many on my feed). That was me, once upon a time, a woman who felt she had little to no power and even less choices. But no more.

Nowadays, and especially during this pandemic, I own my choices as we all must, without excuse, and I am choosing to keep you safe. I am choosing to keep me safe. I am choosing to not only love my kids but to show them I do with actions, not just words.

It took planning but all successful endeavors do and trust me when I say against the coronavirus, I will be successful.


Because that’s who I am and that you can take straight to the bank. Not now. Later. When it’s safe.

Yes, when this is said and done, I will be able to look back and be proud of my choices. They were not easy but they were not as difficult as some might imagine, for I have my big girl panties on. There is no one to blame because I am an adult and I am in charge of my life.

And I won’t be hurting anyone.

For your sake, I pray to whatever God can hear that you will be able to say same.

Stay safe my friend.
Stay home.