Day Two – A Message from My Snow Globe


I am awake, I am alive, and as I look out at the falling snow, gently traveling straight down to Mother Earth, I am reminded of the same image as a hundred times before – that I am now inside a beautiful snow globe.

So this is my message, written the morning of Day Two in my self-imposed self-isolating snow globe …

No Motivational Monday Morning video this morning. No time to record one yesterday, as I rushed to convert my in-person business to online. I uploaded videos. I wrote emails and mostly I planned, all the while knowing that what will come to pass is not within my control.

Yesterday, I engaged actively online. I shared information, stories, and resources but what I refused to share is judgment and that was as much for your mental health as my own.

Because you see, I know all too well the three stages or levels of human engagement. The interdependent – those secure in who they are, the men and women who see themselves as a vital piece of a bigger puzzle. Below them, the not-so-developed independent – those that believe they don’t need anyone else, even as they continue to search for recognition and validation. And the first stage, where we all begin – the dependent. At this first stage, we are dependent on others for food, safety, shelter. We feel powerless at this stage as we vigorously point out who is to blame.

Yesterday, I watched as fear reduced so many to dependency. The fingers were pointed (if only they would do this or that). Criticism posted on every plan I shared (they should have done it sooner), judgment of every action.

And I could not delete fast enough.

For my own mental health (and yours), such comments are not welcome on this page. I need to focus on what IS working, on things that WILL help us through this, because I am not ready to give up yet.

So this is me, self-isolating because my Mama taught me to “teach others how to treat me” and I want others to respect my health and my need to stay healthy.

For those, who feel they cannot (dependent stage), I know the sting of economic loss. Four events SO FAR have cancelled, costing me thousands of dollars. I am self-employed with no other income. I have no savings but I do have faith. I have food and shelter (for now) and I know I will survive whatever comes … if I am wise enough to stay healthy.

In this trying time for us all, this page will remain a page of information, resources, and encouragement. I need it to remain so, just as the young woman I once was needed to believe that I could find safety and happiness in what appeared to be a very dark world.

I did and I will again. And so will you my friend, if you plan to succeed.

So on this Monday, I beg you. Please #staythefuckhome. Let us be wise together. Let us respect our health and the health of others by staying home, staying in, and praying for this very scary time to pass without ever touching anyone we love.

This I pray … knowing that prayers alone will not be enough to save us, not if we do not act wisely.

Please my friend, show me your wisdom today.


I love you my friend. HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS