In the Land of my Childhood …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling for this morning I am in the land of so many of my childhood days …

Couchiching First Nation and the home of my Auntie and Uncle. Him so tall and so quiet yet so strong. Her funny, strong, in charge of everything including what my Mom should say and do in her home. Not in a military way but in a loving Matriarch way and it was good, real good.

And her family, our family. So many would stop by or drop in. So many who loved. So many stories.

The world of Couchiching fascinated me for here people were like Mom and Mom wasn’t like the people in our home town. She talked differently, saw the world differently, and I wanted to see what she saw.

And eventually, over time and years, I did. I began to hear the trees whisper as she did. I heard the loons as she did. I felt the air as she did. Such things became a book, and such things will be shared today in the land that birthed them.

Today, I walk among the women that all sound like Mom, that all sound like me, for the teachings we carry are timeless and it is good, real good.

Today, I will share and they will share and we will laugh and for a moment in time we will just be …


Today my friend, as often as possible, just be you. The you that existed before the pain and the limitations. The you without the cynicism this world gave you to carry. Be you, the you who believed and was believed.

Be Beautiful YOU.

“Readings for Women” then home.
This will be a truly blessed day.


I love you my friend.