The Gift of Laughter …


I am awake, I am alive, as today my staff and I begin to gear up for … busy season.

You see, this week begins the prep for 6 weeks of travel and heightened activity as I travel to and from communities, sharing hope and wisdom with all open to sharing with me and it is beautiful … beautiful.

But it requires planning. It requires rest. It requires assistance. And most of all, I find it requires a sense of humour because that kinda schedule you just gotta laugh at!

Which brings me to today’s thoughts – the realization of just what a gift laughter is. Sadly, like many gifts, it can be made ugly. It can be weaponized and aimed at another or even at ourselves, with painful precision.

But used properly, it can help heal a grieving heart. It can ease pain. It can increase hope. It can help when help is so desperately needed.

Today my friend, I pray your day is FILLED with laughter, the good kind. Not the kind that pokes fun but the kind that reminds your soul that this too shall pass.

After all, work and laughter CAN go together. Here in my office, we prove it everyday! (Thank Gawd!)


I love you my friend! HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSS