Day 58 – This Country’s Greatest Teachers

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am hopeful, not for the government (not sure that will ever happen), but for the people who live within Canadian borders because this week I saw an awakening…

Email after email, text after text, message after message from non-Indigenous Canadians were received, each asking not what they could do but what they SHOULD do in support of the Indigenous who grieve. Never before have I seen such a national grieving for Indigenous pain. Many would debate it should have been louder, sooner, or whatever but I am just thankful it happened.

Because as the children have shown us, now is the time, the time for 215 to be mourned, the time for the rest to be found, the time for them all to come home. Now is the time for Canadians to face the true facts of this country’s history – a history not taught to any great extent, a history hidden from all except those who were the target of those initiatives, a history no longer deniable, white-washable or minimizable.

Some still resist, some still don’t want to believe. I get that. It’s not an easy history to swallow after all but if Germany can do it, so can Canada. I have faith.

And I have hope for all the children yet to be found, yet to be united, for together all these children are proving to be some of this country’s greatest teachers. Their bones end the denial, as we acknowledge that they paid a very high price for our national education.

They have done their work but now it is our turn. Now we must make sure that those who still doubt, deny, or dismiss are educated, shutdown, or interrupted. They had their time.

Now, the children are speaking and they are speaking louder than ever before. We must make sure they continue to be heard. We must continue to hear.


I love you!

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