Day 136 – Only Take in Water


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I remain in awe of the events of the last 24. To explain …

For decades, I have taught others to “unpack their suitcase”, to look at what they were taught by those before them through adult eyes, deciding perhaps for the first time what they truly believe while discarding the rest. But what if you don’t realize that shirt in your metaphorical suitcase doesn’t fit the new more amazing you? What if you don’t realize those pants are years out of style? What then?

Yesterday I discovered, that is when you count on friends, friends with new eyes. Yesterday, I shared my truth with women I did not but women I trusted. From three different countries, these women listened and gave me their perspective, blowing open my suitcase and breaking the chains that had held me to the floor. They helped me to see that I am a beautiful plant, with all that is needed to bloom, but although I have been diligent in ensuring my environment promoted growth, my thought process was more akin to gasoline than water.

Watch the video, you will see what I mean. And then do me a favour my friend, get yourself to good soil. And from now on, only take in water.

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