Day 28 – Cherishing

I am awake, I am alive, as once again the journey continues …

Funny how that happens, how the world continues spinning even on days when we don’t want to dance. Time passes and wounds heal and pain subsides, leaving instead just bittersweet memories that will one day only be sweet.

So on this day, I miss my furmate but smile at every goofy thing she used to do – the sound of nails in mattress as she climbed on the bed, her naps on my adding machine, her kisses when I told her how bootiful she was and on and on and on.

The passing of Oreo reminds me that love isn’t a guarantee, that we do not love because they will last forever … we love because they won’t. We love because deep inside we realize that this moment, this love, this relationship is a gift beyond measure, something to be cherished for as long as physically possible.

Cherish today my friend. Cherish your children, your partner, your pets, and your friends. Cherish every single blessing this day sends. Cherish now so that you will remember forever.


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