Day 21 – A “Before” Picture

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am giving thanks … to Phil DeFranco.

If you are unfamiliar with this YouTube personality, he is known for his conversational explanation of often complicated or confusing issues on the American or global stage. He gives background for context and generally calls out b.s. when it is obvious to all and … personally, I love him.

But like so many of us, Phil ended up in a personal reflection/owning-his-own-healing period during the last few months, leading to a personal breakthrough and a change of heart on many things in his world. Yesterday, he released a statement at the beginning of his daily video and to say it resonated, would be an understatement.

“Today is just a snapshot. The “before” picture for who you will be tomorrow”.

Wow, just wow.

So, as I so often say, tomorrow will not be a surprise for any of us. It will be the result of the seeds we have planted today and further back. We alone get to decide if this “before picture that today represents” will one day be proof of the decline we are on or if it will be a mere checkpoint to compare ourselves to once we become all we are meant to be.

We are all getting older, after all. But that does not mean we cannot also get better, wiser, healthier, more compassionate etc etc etc.
Remember this “before” picture my friend and then decide, where are you going from here?


#ibelieveinyou #ibelieveinme #celebrateandsurvive #repairingfeathers