Pieces That Fit …


I am awake, I am alive, and today I resolve to … be me.

There are some things that “don’t fit” in my world. Today I remind myself that it is okay to remove such things, knowing in my heart that if they don’t fit in my puzzle, it is because they belong in another.

There are some things in my life that “almost fit”. They will be my focus today, nudging and doing, preparing and fixing until they fit comfortably and perfectly.

And then, there are some things that fit “Oh, so perfectly”. They need attention too, for I must always remember to make room for them. I must cherish them and enjoy them because I worked so so long to find them.

But the things that work, that fit, rarely demand attention. They are so easy to forget and overlook in a world that has trained us to look for the problems.

And yet, we wonder why we are never happy.

Today and everyday, my day starts out in a place that fits perfectly (my home), doing what I love doing (chatting with beautiful people like YOU). The puzzle is beautiful.

But I know that before day’s end there are things to be done. Time to work on some puzzle pieces.

And you my friend, what fits? What doesn’t? What can be fine-tuned? What needs to be gone?

You decide. It is your puzzle after all.