The Day Everything Changed


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling from the soul as I think of that night 7 years ago, the night so many lives were changed as one began …

Seven years ago today, I watched as my Babygirl transformed before my very eyes, from a young woman into a Mom ready and completely capable of delivering and nurturing her offspring. I watched as her partner, a young man who found his future when he looked into my child’s eyes, morph into a Father and provider in a matter of seconds. And I watched as my firstborn grandchild took his first, independent breath transforming me into his Gramma.

Everything changed in that moment, in ways none of us anticipated. My respect, love and admiration for my daughter and her partner grew as they weathered sleepless nights and all the challenges that come with a brand new human.

Over the days and months, the observation continued as I watched this precious little man began to absorb his environment, recognizing sounds and then practicing his own as he began to smile and giggle then full-on laugh.

This journey is 7-years long now and that precious little babe is now a young man, tackling the world when he feels the need while observing constantly. And in his world, he still sees … me and I pray he will for a long, long time to come.

So Happy Birthday Gavin! Thank you for the gifts you have given me! The love, the laughs, the hugs, the conversations and the words that melt my heart every time you utter them, “I love you Gramma”.

My friend, today is a good day to remember what we leave behind and who, to remember that what we do does have an effect and that we must constantly strive to ensure it is a positive one.

Tend your metaphorical gardens today, my friend. Choose carefully your words and deeds. And above all else, love. Love who comes next so that once we are gone, the love will remain because that my friends, is exactly how it works.

My Mama taught me that.

I love you my friend.
Enjoy this day and all it provides, including the memories.