Appreciating the “Brackets”


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am thankful for this busy day, a “bracket day” if you will, for today I will honour both the generations that frame mine.

First, a gathering to honour the end of the year since my friend, my guide, my adviser, my elder passed. I am positive Jo is smiling as she sees just how many have taken up the fight, just how many are speaking up for the water. Yet, even though this is a natural part of our journey, even though the work continues, I will take this moment to acknowledge I still miss my friend.

And then, when laughter is shared and the food is gone, my attention will turn to the generation that follows. This afternoon I will spend time with my son as he works hard to achieve goals important to him and his future. His independent journey means our time together is rare so I enjoy such special occasions as this.

And then tonight, when I am once again home, I will again give thanks for those who have assisted to shape who I am – those that came before and those that come next. I would not be me without them so thank you Creator, thank you for the guides.

Today, will be a good day and I pray you can say same my amazing friend. I pray today you take a second to give thanks for the air you inhale, the food you enjoy, the actions you take, and for those you get to share this journey with. Do not mistake them as just your partner, your friend, your child, your neighbor. See them and appreciate them for who they truly are – your teachers.

I love you my friend.