Dream Work …


I am awake, I am alive and today it seems I am working, even before I get out of bed!

The scene was so enjoyable. A small group, gathered together in an old school, for a strategic planning session. Their desks formed a haphazard circle around me as I turned and talked and laughed. Then a break (and a hunt for the bathroom). Then back to answer their questions.

It was so natural, so comfortable, so enjoyable. I was a fish in familiar water and I was loving it!

And then I realized I was laying in bed and that this scene was a dream.

Working too much? I don’t think so for there was no stress in the dream. Just joy, pure joy, as I laughed and shared with the people I was blessed to meet.

Doing what I am meant to be doing? I think so, I truly think so and that thought brings the dream joy into present day as I sip my coffee and type these words.

I don’t know who they are yet … but I think I have an idea and I can’t wait to meet them. However, if I show up for the session and its in an old school and the space for me is in the middle of the desks in a classroom that seems all too familiar … I might just have to share a dream with them.

But no matter, for I have already experienced the joy of meeting these people I don’t know and that my friend, leads me to you.

You didn’t know your best friend, until you met. You didn’t know your mentor or elder, until you did. So many of us are unhappy with who is in our circle, yet we do nothing to expand it.

So this is me telling you, say “Hi” to the person who tempts you to. They may just be a future best friend! Say “Hi” to the man or woman who catches your eye. They are there for a reason!

And if our paths cross, DEFINITELY say “HI!” But expect to be hugged. I love hugs.

And there it is again, that smile.

Pleasant thoughts = genuine smile.


Give it a try and while you are at it, remember …