Dream Visits …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling, not at the work I will do today but rather over the work I did in my dreams last night …

The Whitecrows are a proud family from my community and last night, in my dreams, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with brother and sister. Together we discussed the possibility of opening an Ojibwe Craft store that would sell the goods created by our reserve’s crafters.

But the location was troublesome. Located within the Western world, busy shopping malls and even a liquor store were nearby. Could we offer such items in such a location?

The planning required not only visiting the site but visiting with crafters in the midst of creating their masterpieces. Laughter was plentiful as was good traditional food harvested from the land. But would this be lost in the midst of Western civilization?

As I woke, I smiled knowing that is the neverending question for indigenous – will I lose my ways, will I lose me in the midst of the Western structure? How can I continue to be me?

The answers in real life as vital to success as they were in the dream, leaving me to start my day smiling from the soul.
In this time of isolation and social distancing, I so cherish the chance to work and spend time with those I just do not see often enough.

Who do you visit my friend? Who visits you in your dreams? Perhaps it is time to remember.



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