Is your issue specific to your industry or office?  Then cookie-cutter generic training isn’t going to work!   You need specific, targeted support and guidance to prevent you from wasting time and money!  And you have come to the right place!

  • Maybe you have a question you need answered.
  • Maybe you need advice on a specific issue with a customer or staff member.
  • Maybe you need assistance to “Indigenize” your content, ensuring marketing material is not problematic in wording.
  • Maybe you need assistance to understand just what is happening within Canadian borders.
  • And maybe you are just wondering why your Indigenous engagement, recruitment, or retention efforts are not working.

Whatever it is, we have you covered.  We have consulted on everything from employee relationships to the development of Indigenous Engagement policies.  And for bigger issues, we are equipped to analyze existing operations and policies, recommending where changes should take place and then, we specialize in training your staff to ensure they are building bridges at every opportunity rather than burning them.

Whatever your challenge (big or small), simply book either an introductory session (to find out about us) or a consulting session to discuss your needs.