Day 163 – Those I Serve


I am awake, I am alive and this morning … I am simply appreciative of all that has transpired over the last 48 hours.

A weekend of productivity is an apt description as it two days of unpacking, sorting, and hanging of mementos and gifts. The transformation is near complete now as this house becomes a home and for that I am grateful.

But today is not about unpacking or about me. It is about those I serve, those who have requested my assistance, those who need guidance or help in clearing the fog, those who need a reminder of just how amazing they are.

Today, I will do just that, with honesty and caring. Today, I will shine light on their gifts, their wisdom, their experience and their truths. Today I will amplify whispers into voices and move hesitation closer to action simply because … that is why I am here.

And why are YOU here my friend? Who can you inspire today? Who can you assist or guide? Who can you empower? Save no one but motivate as many as you can, for wouldn’t that an amazing way to be remembered?

I know I hope you remember me as someone who helped or at least someone who tried.

Join me?


I love you my friend! HUGSSSSSSSSSSSS

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