Words of the Wise aka Murray Sinclair …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning (as many times before), I am in awe of the words and wisdom shared by Murray Sinclair.

The amplification of knowledgeable indigenous voices is the perfect counter-balance to racist rhetoric and stereotype. We need not be violent. Rather, we must be wise. We must embrace “who we were before the others came”. We must always be … Indigenous.

To that end, this morning I share not my words but the words of Murray Sinclair, an interview released a few short days ago. Whether Indigenous or non, I ask you to sit with them, to ponder them, to consider them rather than merely argue or react. Sit with the words of this most trusted elder. As always, it is an honour to hear what he has to share.

And then, act for as he so eloquently states, reconciliation is not a spectator sport.

I love you!


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