Four Days of Healing …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am so grateful for so many things, including the need to take these four days off.

Four glorious days – so perfect in retrospect. Four days to nurture my emotional, spiritual, physical and mental well-being and I did, I absolutely did!

Emotionally – I shared my pain, my stories, and even my tears with those who had earned the right to listen and their response was as anticipated, as beautiful as they are.

Spiritually – I took the time to connect with myself and my Creator, listening when my soul and the trees spoke, and it was good, really good.

Physically – I hit my treadmill (and will again today). I loved my body by exercising it, by feeding it good food, by laughing often and loud. I did not hate on my body or wish it different. I just loved it.

And Mentally – I read. I listened to podcasts. I watched informational videos. I fed the braincells waiting to be awakened and enchanted by new and exciting information and as a result, I grew.

And it was good, real good. In my mind, all that a weekend or time off should be which of course makes me wonder … if you were to rank your weekends on how well you nurtured your emotional, spiritual, physical and mental self, how would you score? And with that score, would you still be surprised that you feel so drained come Monday morning?

The journey continues. This is me, praying that today is the day you choose to love all the many parts of you.

I love you!