My Kinda Happy (And Where I Found It) …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I take a second to acknowledge … that I am happy and how “being happy” is so very different than what I anticipated.

You see, as a youngster or even as a young adult, I thought happy was found in events – in the meeting someone awesome, the winning of money, or the landing of a great job. I can safely attribute that to my ambitious nature but this morning, I smile at the realization that I am much wiser now.

My happy (I have discovered) is found in a variety of loves –
– the first sip of my fav coffee upon waking
– waking without alarm, to kitty kisses
– no agenda for the day
– silence, allowing me to hear so much
– a ponytail that works first time
– a lazy morning

And on and on.

And then I smile even deeper as I review the list and realize just how many of those things belong to every day. #perfect

So my friend, you KNOW I am going to ask – what makes you happy? Are you happy? Have you taken the time to enjoy that reality?

Remember, happy does not require perfection – not in your home, your relationship, yourself, the country or the world. It is grounded in appreciation and I so appreciate you …

Yes, must add you to the list.

Enjoy the day my friend!

I love you!