Day 2 – RIP Prince Philip

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning with the news of Prince Philip’s passing, I cannot help but feel closer to my Mom.

Why, you may ask? Well, it is because we had a conversation once about how she was struggling, how she found it so depressing that people she knew kept dying. She acknowledged that the world she knew was coming to an end, as a new chapter began, designed and lived by those much younger.

Like many in her generation, my Mom respected and loved the Queen and Prince Philip. They were a mainstay in her life, one of the few constants, and I am glad that she never had to say good-bye to either of them.

As an Indigenous woman, I know full well that the monarchy is the head of colonialism, the very entities that delivered doctrines decreeing that Indigneous/non-Christian people were not human and that land inhabited by such people was therefore vacant. As an Indigenous woman, I have huge issues with the white supremacy caked into that institution and its history.

But as a daughter, today I simply mourn the passing of a prince.

RIP Prince Philip.

Stay well my friends.
Be safe.

I love you!

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