Day 16 – One Day is Not Enough!

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I cannot help but think … one day is not enough!

Like you all, I saw the posts and memes yesterday, as Mother Earth was remembered and cared for, often in deed rather than just word. But one day? After 364 days of blind destruction?

No, it is not enough.

So today, let us continue the safeguarding of our Earth Mother. Let us love and care for her in the same consistent, reliable, dependable way she provides air and water and food for us every single day, not just one out of 365.

And while we are at it …

– why not appreciate your Mom and Dad every day rather than one in May and one in June? Forgive them their shortcomings. Forgive them their pains that birthed pain. Forgive them their humanity. Replicate the best, leave the rest.

– why not give thanks every single day for family and friends, for good food, for a roof over your head, for the ability to jump online and give thanks.

Why not?

After all, we all need love and caring more often than one day out of every year.

Let me start …

I love you, every day.

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