Day Twenty-Four – Perspective


I am awake, I am alive, and with this day comes a revelation for those who have known the darkest of days (like me) …

Know this my friend, this is not a flashback. Rather this is a chance, an opportunity to use what we have learned…

To those who have had their world blown apart by violence … know that this self-isolation phase we are in is NOTHING compared to that and you survived that. You will survive this.

To those who have known soul-crippling poverty, know that this is your chance to survive AGAIN, to use what worked last time, to make the soup, to grow the garden, to do WHATEVER YOU DID LAST TIME because it worked last time. It will work again.

To those who have felt isolated and alone in their past, you got through it then, you will get through it now.

On this day and all the days to come my friend, start your day knowing you have the skills to survive, handed to you on days you would rather forget, but skills nevertheless.

Cry if you need to. Acknowledge fear if you need to but then, USE the skills you already have. You my friend, the friends who have survived hardships and trauma in the past, have been trained to survive this time. Know it. Use it. Be the example. You got this.

And so do I.

Because I too have survived much worse than having to be alone.

Perspective – a truly beautiful thing.