One Strike and YOU ARE OUT!


  • Indigenous nations and industries are rapidly breaking ties with companies and businesses that do not understand Canadian history and its direct impact on First Nation communities and peoples.
  • They have no desire to correct your inaccurate statements.
  • They would rather simply work with someone who GETS IT!


Our Core Beliefs

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About Reconciliation Works

Driven, Motivated and Committed to Canadian Reconciliation

Who we serve

Non-Indigenous Canadian Businesses who:

  • work with/for Indigenous people.
  • sell products to Indigenous people (or would like to).
  • want to increase their engagement with Indigenous people.

Issues we provide clarity & info on

  1. Ghosting (what it is and why it happens so often!)
  2. How to increase sales
  3. How to improve recruitment/retention
  4. How to avoid being accused of being disrespectful
  5. How to ensure you do not cause further harm
  6. How to fill your quota for Indigenous hires
  7. How to increase engagement
  8. How to support your Indigenous staff members
  9. Assisting with inclusivity/diversity goals
  10. Clarifying why diversity is desirable
  11. Being an active participant in reconciliation
  12. Increasing your Indigenous engagement knowledge!

About Sandi Boucher

Driven, Motivated and Committed to Canadian Reconciliation

Sandi Boucher supports both sides of Canadian reconciliation by creating safe spaces, not only for Indigenous peoples but for non-Indigenous as well.

An Ojibwe woman who knows full well the devastation of colonialism, it is her wisdom, her experience, and her metaphors that have made Sandi Boucher an internationally recognized speaker and best-selling author. A proud member of Seine River First Nation, Sandi began her speaking career in 2009. Now more than a decade later, Sandi uses conversational English, humour, and metaphors to empower her audiences which include elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools; colleges and universities; First Nation communities and agencies; mainstream municipalities and businesses, along with countless national, international, and regional conferences.

And through it all she is a shining example, for she has personally climbed out of a world of
poverty and violence into a life where success and respectful engagement are the norm.

For more information on Sandi and her work, please visit